Asset Optimisation (Maximising the value of your property)


“Achieving successful asset optimisation is all too often under-utilised. Ask yourself – who do you turn to for impartial advice?” 


There are many ways in which a property’s value can be enhanced, although they are regularly overlooked, resulting in a missed opportunity.


With moving costs of today – estate agency fees, legal fees, removal fees and the exorbitant stamp duty costs – it makes sense to take a long hard look at what potential your existing property might hold. Invariably, home owners simply see their properties as they stand, rather than exploring opportunities unknown to them.


Michael’s consultation covers multiple aspects to identify where added value might be achieved. Every property is different and it is vital to assess the merits and situation of each, individually, reflecting on the range of views that other perspective owners may have about potential. By not doing so, you could unknowingly hinder a sale and its value.


A small sample of Michael’s recommendations could incorporate enhancements from updating existing features, exploring planning gain, potential redevelopment or perhaps the marriage value achieved from an acquisition or sale of adjoining land or property.


Following an initial consultation, ideally in person at your home, for Michael to obtain a clear understanding and overview of your requirements, he will report to you with his recommendations and proposals on how best to proceed.

Sales Advisory


“Having specialised in sales, and particularly in off-market sales, for many years, my forte has been to advise clients on how best to prepare.”


There are many reasons why a client might prefer a discreet sale:  perhaps to evade prying neighbours; or maybe you are in the public eye and need to protect your privacy or any potential impact on your business; to prevent needlessly unsettling staff; or more commonly, to avoid the intense gaze of a digital footprint.


When handled in the correct manner, the only clue to an off-market sale might be the arrival and departure of the traditional removal truck!


The secret of a successful sale, whether that be on or off-market, is in selecting the correct strategy and then ensuring the right professionals are appointed, on appropriate rates and terms, with the skills needed to attract suitable potential buyers.


Whether your need is for a discreet marketing approach or the traditional route, you can be confident that Michael’s expertise will make certain you take the right path.


"Quite simply, we could not have achieved what we have without Michael’s unfailing help and wisdom, not to mention his market knowledge and contacts. My wife has been seriously ill for some years and moving on our own is no longer an option. Michael has secured for us the house we have always wanted for our retirement. He has helped us optimise the sale of our home of 33 years, which could not have been more beneficial, and in a difficult rental market he has helped us secure somewhere very convenient while our new home is renovated. Throughout he has been the tower of strength that we have needed, always supportive and helping to minimise the strain and stress of the process. We could not have asked for more."

Mr & Mrs W - Milford, Surrey

"We have endured the trials and tribulations of property buying all our adult lives. Michael Oury has been a revelation. We will never again buy again without the expert advice and guidance of an agent like Michael. The house we love would never have been found, at the price negotiated, without him."

Mr & Mrs F - Cranleigh, Surrey

"Michael was an invaluable resource on our recent purchase, where his relationship and reputation with the selling agent enabled us to agree a deal on the house at the right price in a competitive environment. In today’s market our view is you need to have an edge to secure attractive properties; and Michael provided exactly that."

Mr & Mrs J - West Sussex

"It was such an enjoyable week of viewings...even with the silly masks it was made fun. Michael you have a very wicked sense of humour that I found just delightful. This was all a very pleasant unexpected addition on top of your professionalism, guidance and knowledge. Thank you so much for everything and making the process so very easy and enjoyable. You and Helen will definitely be invited as our first dinner guests!".

Mr & Mrs T - Switzerland

"We found selling a house after over 20 years and searching for something different a daunting prospect. Michael Oury has boundless energy and a deep knowledge of the housing market. He listened carefully to us and immersed himself in what we needed. Most importantly he helped to secure a successful and stress-free sale at the same time as steering us into exactly the right house for us… at the right price. He has wisdom, experience and great connections. We cannot recommend him highly enough".

Mr and Mrs C - Surrey

"Thank you Michael, without your expertise we most certainly would not have found our UK base. You provide a fantastic service and we consider ourselves lucky to call you a friend. We both look forward to the future in our new home".

Mr & Mrs D - LA, California

"Having sold our house for us many moons ago, we knew you would be the right person for our next move! Your support, assistance and guidance is invaluable. Thank you so much!".

Mr & Mrs F - West Sussex

"Michael we can't think of anyone better to provide such a service, with your local knowledge, reputation, discretion and sheer tenacity. Our transactions with you over the years have been hugely successful".

Mr & Mrs M - Surrey

"Michael, I don't know what I would have done without your expertise in guiding me through the numerous architect meetings to orchestrate the planned gutting and refurbishment of my London home. The team of professionals you introduced and managed impressed me no end with a first class job! I will be recommending you without hesitation".

Mr P - Chelsea, London

"Michael, now that we have moved in, we wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work, guidance, expertise, assistance, dependability, service (above and beyond) and just plain good enjoyable company! We are looking forward to having you over next week to toast our new house...seems only fitting!".

Mr & Mrs W - Guildford

"Michael was an incredible help finding a new premises for my business, a process that was proving difficult given my new specific requirements. There was nothing immediately available, however Michael used all his skills and connections to identify several potentially ideal locations, one of which we have now agreed to move ahead with. Michael is highly professional, an excellent communicator, full of sound advice and he's good company!".

Mr C - London

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and for being there for us. I'm so thankful we were on this rollercoaster ride with you by our side! Cheers Michael and a BIG thank you for all your support and hard work."

Mr & Mrs S - London

"I have recently sold my house in Ockham and Michael has been instrumental in helping me do this. As I am elderly, having Michael guiding and advising me to avoid the typical stress and pitfalls was very helpful and necessary. He was able to answer any questions I had in a calm and reassuring manner and dealt with the negotiations excellently. I would thoroughly recommend him as an experienced adviser in the property world."

Mrs B - Ockham, Surrey

"Opening the right doors...."